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February 7, 2019

5 Valentine’s Day ideas that will not break the bank

Its Valentine’s Day and for most this means spending lots of money on ridiculously expensive gifts. There is no need to go through this if you cannot afford it, the simplest things can have more meaningful impact without too much effort and cost. We have put together a list of 5 ideas that we love which will not break your bank. You can thank us later!

1. In-home Spa Day

Create your own spa day at home, pamper yourselves and just relax.  This can be achieved in 3 easy steps

  • Set the scene with candles, dim the lights the works
  • In your menu you can include facials, luxury baths, body scrubs, foot soaks, manis and pedis.
  • Give each other massages, light stuff only nothing hectic. Leave the hectic stuff to the professionals 🙂

Your mind and body will thank you!

2. Cooking Together

Skip the hoo-ha of dining out on Valentine’s day and cook your own romantic dinner together. Try a new recipe, plan the meal and ingredients together. Add romance into the mix, dress up for the event. After all, the best converstions are often made over the kitchen counter. Dont forget to finish off with bubbles, it is a love celebration and it is a crime to celebrate without bubbles.

3. Go on a decadent date

Dinner is so overrated. Instead of dinner, why not do a decadent date? Choose a nice dessert spot that offers a variety of deserts. Try different treats and sample as much as you can handle. The idea is to share the deserts and sample together so make sure you get 2 forks for each dish!

4. Dance or play together

Attend a dance class or sport that will be completely new to both of you. At the end it should be interesting to find out if you both enjoyed it or only one of you did. Even worse…if no one enjoyed at all. This will not just be fun but will also help you get to know yor partner even more 🙂

5. Return to where you first met

Pay a visit to where you first met, do something different there or write a story about how you first met. Only do this if it is practical or affordable to do, i mean we are not trying to break the bank here right?

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